Who we work with

Parrhesian’s consultants work with organisations and leaders looking for support in unlocking their team’s unused potential to meet their business goals.

Our extensive projects have ranged from local to national to global in size. We have helped brands, corporations, NGOs and institutions, covering finance, pharmaceutical, technology, hospitality… We helped them, and we can help you.

Using academic theory and proven techniques we challenge, support and collaborate with our clients to instil a profound cultural understanding and evolution that support delivery of business goals within the following situations:

Mergers and acquisition

M&A projects require sensitive treatment to ensure that the intended growth is successfully achieved, implementing positive change management to create an integrated culture within the organisation. Our experienced consultants will shape a program to create integral alignment before, during and after the project.

Ineffective board

Parrhesian can diplomatically help to diagnose the causes of entropy at board level. Common sources of entropy could include dominant members, lack of strategy, fear of failure or unclear purpose. An action program will strengthen the board’s culture and realign with the business purpose to yield sustainable results.

Business missing objectives

Lost opportunities and failure to achieve projected success results in negativity at all levels within an organisation, causing wasted time, money and enthusiam. By rediscovering the strategic purpose at a fundamental level, we help our clients to unlock the unused potential within a team and initiate a dynamic evolution leading to improved business results.

Unhappy shareholders

If the shareholder aims aren’t aligned with the business purpose then dysfunctionality begins to occur. Taking this polarity as a crossroads, Parrhesian can reunite the whole organisation to create unity of function.

Struggling with compliance

Should a team or certain individuals experience difficulties in uniting towards a common goal, Parrhesian will step in to uncover the roots of the problem and diagnose the reasons for lack of motivation. Open communication and courageous speech will lead the team to find the motivation to unite and work towards a common business goal.

Talent retention

Each individual in an organisation is influencing the culture as a whole, so a higher-than-desired turnover of staff is demoralising and destabilising. By discovering and addressing the fundamental motivational issues within an organisation’s culture, Parrhesian can help leaders to regain control and instil cohesive dynamism into the culture, which is the most powerful way to keep talented employees on board.

Working with Leaders and Teams

Often a CEO, Director or Leader will come to us to discuss one or more of the situations above. We work at all levels of the organisation to diagnose the issues and create a tailored programme for each client.

At Parrhesian we use the metaphor of looking at the organisation as the human body, with the employees as ‘cells’, departments as ‘organs’ and the culture as the state of health/wellbeing (homeostasis). We believe in working holistically and treating the cause rather than the symptoms.

Our work covers areas such as:

  • Purpose finding
  • Executive coaching
  • Leadership development
  • Team Performance
  • Strategic Alignment
  • Culture Transformation

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