Are you looking for the next level above High Performance?

Are you a leader who realises that High Performance is no longer giving you the competitive advantage?

Does transforming your organisation into an EPO® (Extraordinary Performance Organisation) sound of interest to you?


What distinguishes Extraordinary Performance from High Performance?

One of the current buzz words in the corporate world is “agile”. It is about forming flexible teams that are working closely together with high levels of independence which creates higher speed to market and increased efficiency and effectiveness. Great! Nothing wrong with agility, and it certainly leads to High Performance.

However, teaching employees the WHAT of agile is not enough to achieve Extraordinary Performance (and becoming EPO®).

At Parrhesian, we believe that moving towards ‘extraordinary’ requires an holistic approach. What we see these days is that the corporate world loves to create a competitive advantage, yet the margins in differentiating between products and services become smaller every day. Accessibility to technological developments, copying and retrieving data is much easier than it used to be. So the valuable differentiation lies more and more with the people in the organisation and HOW they work together. Human potential. It is a growing asset that barely gets measured.

Are corporate leaders conscious of this? And are they willing to spend time, energy and resources to unlock this full human potential in their organisation?


The Holistic approach to unlocking full human potential

Within the field of Human Potential we distinguish 3 different dimensions that, when appropriately and holistically addressed, will lead to EPO®:

  1. Physics

This dimension is all about physical wellbeing of your employees. It’s about health, food and fitness. What do you currently offer your employees in terms of proper education, guidance and regular check-ups on how to become a healthy, fit, physical and conscious person?

In the holistic picture, investments by organisations in this area must be seen as investments in sustainably reducing sick leave, increasing the energy levels, the happiness and well-being of their team, which will lead to an increased level of physical fitness that will maximize the “human battery charge” and thereby increase productivity.

  1. Human Intelligence

In order for a leader – or any employee, for that matter – to unlock their full human potential, it is essential to become conscious of inner-human processes. This starts with reflective questions and diagnostics: How is my behaviour perceived by others? Is it effective? When under pressure how do I react?

It’s about becoming aware of potential limiting beliefs you have cultivated for years, indeed from birth onwards; about fears and personality patterns. It is a deep dive into your personality, your identity, your values and your life purpose. This is something that cannot be done in one off-site activity or team BBQ… It requires dedication, discipline, time, energy and resources. Which means that you must be really serious about making the investment and really want to make that leap in competitive advantage.

When your consciousness of inner processes and (in)effectivity increases you will also learn how to recognise and inquire with respect and humility about the inner processes of others. This will lead to a totally different level of dialogues amongst employees that will increase a sense of community and belonging that will thrive productivity, effectiveness and efficiency within your organisation.

  1. Energy & Spirit

The third and last dimension of an EPO® holistic approach is one step even further into territories as yet unexplored in the corporate world…

This is about energy balance, reflection, meditation and conscious intuition or inner-knowing. We all have these moments sometimes that we just know without thinking. Imagine you are standing at a reception and shaking somebody’s hand for the first time and something tells you “this is a good guy”… How do we know? We just do. It’s a feeling, a sensation. It’s an unconscious perception of the energy of the other person.

Or what if you walk into a meeting room and something tells you immediately: “this feels heavy and it is probably going to be a long and difficult meeting”. Or perhaps you just walked out of a meeting which left its negative energetic imprint upon you….

When a person is in an energetic balance his/her productivity goes up.


If there is a imbalance, it goes down.

Imagine if you were able to measure and check your energetic balance and consciously restore the balance as an individual and within a group of individuals!

Parrhesian has developed a high standard professional holistic approach (in all 3 dimensions) with proven tools and academic, researched fundaments to help you become an EPO® and unlock the full human potential in your organisation.

This is your new competitive advantage in current and future realities! If you would like to find out more and see what a roadmap for your organisation would look, like please contact us.


(Photo: Justin Warner | Unsplash)