Nestor Montestruque

Nestor Montestruque


Since the beginnings of my career I knew that my future lay in guiding teams. From my earliest working days as a marketeer, I have been lucky enough to have outstanding leaders guiding me, allowing me the opportunity to develop and learn. In turn, I then took on my own teams and I enjoyed giving this opportunity to others, seeing when my teams grew both professionally and as human beings. No matter whether I am working at a small scale or internationally, whether with new recruits or senior leaders, my results are driven by this desire to lead the way into learning and transcendence.


After 20 years in the corporate business world as a marketing executive, executive & entrepreneurs coaching offers me renewed opportunities to serve, create, grow and produce. From 2005, when I decided to reshape my future toward coaching, I have developed my passion for helping others to reshape their own destinies. I have the opportunity to walk alongside executives, managers and teams to create a journey to better professional positions, improved business scenarios and, fundamentally, personal balance.

In his own words

“There is no leadership practice without authentic willingness to serve. The challenge of this era is to improve our self knowledge in order to be a better member of society and achieve harmony within our various roles in life.”