Don Johnson Parrhesian

Don Johnson


Don’s approach is grounded in the 35-year mindfulness practice he began as a young college graduate. After 10 years travelling the globe teaching mindfulness techniques, he returned a leadership role with Elan Vital in the US, building up over 25 years of experience in business and sales leadership, executive coaching, consulting, speaking and facilitation experience in the performance improvement industry. ​


Don is a dynamic facilitator, bringing his business and leadership experience into the work he does in the classroom and into his coaching practice. He has worked with many companies around the world, including AchieveGlobal and the American Management Association, Google, Microsoft, You Tube, Crowe Horwath, Allinial Global, Tech Stars Music LA, The Boston Consulting Group, Owens Illinois, The Jamaican Ministry of Defense, and the US Federal Court System.

In his own words:

My passion lies in helping business leaders be more effective, intentional and self-aware. I believe that workplaces can be environments where people are passionately engaged, deeply respected and highly productive.