Many of today’s leaders feel that our current systems and beliefs no longer apply to or function in today’s society.

The industrial age has passed. We are entering the age of consciousness. It’s time for something new. Something better. It’s time for authentic change driven from higher purpose.

“We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.”

Our purpose: to find the answers for tomorrow

How do we:

Transform our culture?
Regain balance?
Evolve successfully?
Grow sustainably?

The answer is simple. We start with the individual.

Each and every person needs to let go of their outdated, inherited beliefs and go back to the beginning. To the place where our instinct, our purpose, our inner compass lies. But how?

We start by speaking the truth

This is where Parrhesian comes in.

Open, honest speech can lead to a feeling of vulnerability in today’s society, but for us, opening up to this vulnerability and fear is the essential first step on the journey to finding our inner voice and our purpose. This is how we will find the answers that will allow us to shape the future = courage

“Parrhesian: derived from the ancient Greek ‘Parrhesia’: to speak openly and from the heart.”

Our method: empowering the individual

At Parrhesian we believe that every individual has the power to be consciously committed to their inner beliefs, and to make choices based on this purpose that will enhance the organisations and relationships around them.

In connecting to our true self, we transform the space where negativity and fear grow into a space (for) of purpose and creativity.

By reaching this integral alignment within ourselves, we can begin to create a new future and new possibilities for every connection that we make, both in and out of the workplace and at every level at which we function. We begin to connect to our purpose at every decision-making moment, which in turn creates a more authentic culture with those we live and work with.

Parrhesian will guide you into becoming conscious of your inner voice and to discover that you can shape your own belief system and transform the destiny of yourself and those around you.

“One man can make a difference and everyone should try.”

This new, authentic culture will mean a balance of benefits for all. It will mean more effective conversations, more effective collaborations and more sustainable successes. To achieve this transformation requires a new capacity, a new skill set derived from the inner beliefs and values of the people involved.

Parrhesian delivers a proven re-programming approach with the skills needed to support this personal and organisational transformation. We use specific tools and proven academic concepts to strengthen structures in a sustainable, evolutionary way.

Further reading: Cultural Evelution: the Parrhesian way.

“Courage is the power to let go of the familiar.”

As part of Parrhesian’s commitment to courageous open speech and in the spirit of unlocking human potential, we believe in sharing our knowledge and our experiences. Visit our Wisdom (LINK) page – perhaps it could help you on the first steps towards discovering your higher purpose and transforming your culture.

Our Leading Principles:

Truth = Trust

Truth = Trust is one of Parrhesian’s leading principles. During our coaching sessions, we spend time reflecting honestly on the authentic ‘self’. Once we unearth our ‘truth’, we can begin to express and communicate that truth. It does take courage to take a stand for our truth, to commit to it and accept its implications, but this is an essential part of establishing authentic commitment and ownership. Once we are able to express our truth in an honest and respectful way, we start to create trust. Trust enables respect for our self and for our team, which makes it an essential element for establishing an effective and sustainable higher performance. When truth = trust is established, we see hidden costs decreasing, whilst speed-to-market increases.

Authentic Commitment and Ownership

At Parrhesian we believe firmly in the power of Authentic Commitment and Ownership. If you are ready to make a commitment to working with us, we will make your transformation our purpose. Alongside our clients, we take ownership of the project, we accept the consequences and impact and have an authentic commitment to building an integrally aligned organisation that is ready for evolution.

Making ‘Either/Or’ into ‘And/And’

On our daily journey we meet apparent paradoxes and mental dualities which lead us into ‘Either/Or’ decision making. To achieve integral alignment we must learn to perceive these paradoxes or opposites as a crossroads. Neither choice on these crossings is right or wrong, good or bad. It is not about judging which is the correct route to take, it is about becoming aware of the directions and making conscious choices on how to align both routes into one. Parrhesian’s consultants help you to change your natural response to these apparent paradoxes and become an ‘And/And’ decision-maker.

Firmness and Humility

Firmness and Humility are characteristics embodied by The Player and The Learner (see Mental Models). At Parrhesian we work hard to build a sound and balanced relationship between these values. Inherent to the concept of Parrhesia, truth-telling with firmness and humility strengthens and grounds us, and building trust with those around us. Humility keeps us open and curious toward other points of view, innovation and opportunities. Firmness keeps us on track with our purpose and core truth. Together, these values result in authentic communication and fuel higher effectiveness.


Parrhesian is strongly committed to its leading principles of which Co-Creation is one. We make an authentic commitment to helping our clients, and our clients make this commitment to taking ownership of their roadmap to Integral Alignment. Together we co-create a bespoke integral system which will enable the organisation to fulfil its goals and establish a sustainable transformation.

Velocity and Intensity

Velocity and Intensity are always connected. Each process within the Integral Alignment has its ideal Velocity to guarantee the appropriate intensity for the organisation. We at Parrhesian co-create this fine balance together with our clients. We recognise that it does take courage, authentic commitment and ownership to adjust timelines in order to serve the outcome of the entire project and the people involved.


Nature is a powerful source of inspiration. We are all part of nature even though many of us have lost connection with it. In our programs we integrate nature as a main source of inspiration, a source for reconnecting with ourselves and our inner compass. A source for reflection. During these reflections we are able to reconnect with our truths as individuals and as part of collectives (organisation, institution, nations…) Nature is the starting point for Integral alignment.