Things are changing very quickly.

Disruptive technologies, new stakeholders in the market, access to information and knowledge, paradigms of new generations…

Organisations are being bombarded with new challenges whilst trying to fulfil their mission.

One of the most difficult challenges is keeping up the speed of response to a market which is increasingly demanding, hyper-communicated, and especially sensitive and critical to the veracity of new proposals.

In the contemporary world nothing can be hidden. The authenticity of people and teams are therefore essential in developing the competitive advantage of an organisation.


What does ‘authentic’ look like?

From the perspective of logic, authenticity is intrinsically linked to “truth” and the latter, to thought. (I have used quotes for the word “truth” as I define it as the interpretation of reality through an individual’s belief systems and thoughts.)

Therefore, authenticity demands the recognition of “truth” but on the condition of separating the wheat from the chaff – distinguishing fact from inference, interpretation and judgement.

Authenticity, with respect to its etymology, is based upon ‘acting from your own authority’ and ‘being the owner of the “truth” in yourself’. It requires us, as an individual, to walk a path of deep self-knowledge.

It therefore also requires us to unearth a deep awareness of the environment in which we want it to be developed.

An authentic organisation

If we can achieve authenticity on an individual level, we can collaborate to develop authenticity within an organisation. For that, we need to respect each other’s authenticity and the interpretative diversity in the environment.

Authenticity is a personal and professional value. Exercising it encourages the growth of people, the accountability and coherence that we impart to our actions.

If, as a leader, we act with authenticity, we can inspire and encourage it within the team to achieve the organisation’s goals.


Authenticity is a core competence in competitive organisations

How can we guarantee the values of the organisation at the same time as communicating and supporting the business proposal at the speed the market demands?

In authentic organisations, the values are cultivated and breathed every day, they are reflected in the satisfaction of collaborators (especially if they are millennials), of work teams who negotiate more effectively, in operational efficiency, and finally, in market share, speed of response and high profitability.

Authenticity positively influences the creation of strategies and the speed of their implementation. It avoids reworking and the loss of energy within the team. Creativity and inspiration flourish and the collective desire to move forward gathers momentum.


How can we cultivate authenticity?

The task of impregnating authenticity into an organisation is intense and requires commitment.

As we are faced with vitiated environments which promote unethical and even corrupt practices, so we must maintain and increase our social reputation and good corporate practices in order to preserve our attractiveness to customers, to our team, to new talent, and to society.

More reason than ever, therefore, to nuture authenticity – creating authentic organisations, work with authentic collaborators and create agile business processes.

But we can’t improvise authenticity, it has to be planned, considered, developed…

At Parrhesian, we can help your organisation to identify, revaluate and cultivate the authenticity within yourself and your team, to achieve a competitive edge in a crowded marketplace. Contact us…