Measurable Results

You want meaningful change, and you need the measurements to demonstrate it. That is what we deliver: tangible evidence of the transformations in your organisation.

Having worked within leading multinational organisations, we completely understand that when investing time and money into a project, leaders need to be able to quantify and evidence the results.

We use a unique blend of tools and frameworks defined and developed from the leading voices in Leadership and Cultural Change.

When we commit to embedding sustainable cultural evolution into an organisation, we spend time assessing the current culture – the systems, the symbols and the mindsets and behaviours. We then tailor a programme of activity that is at the right velocity and intensity to meet the rhythm of your business and deliver the desired outcomes. Toward the end of the programme of activity, we reassess the changes that have been made within the organisation, revisiting those systems, symbols and behaviours to provide measurements of the transformation that has been effectuated.

Mindsets and behaviours (of the leaders)

These reach far within an organisation and are reflected within the culture at all levels. Leaders can be unaware of the impact that their mindset and behaviour has on the entire organisation.


Every organisation displays physical symbols of their culture and values that transmit unspoken messages. An assessment of the unconscious messages these send supports the alignment of organisation to purpose.


Culture is also present in the processes and procedures that form part of the backbone of the organisation, be they HR, finance or administration. These systems are often inherited and don’t function holistically. If these systems are not aligned to an organisation’s purpose they will be an internal source of conflict.

Here are areas for which we analyse and provide result data:

  • Redefined values and purpose, communicated and embedded
  • Improved communications methods
  • Reconfigured internal systems to meet purpose
  • Cultural values assessment
  • Sales figures results
  • Customer satisfaction levels

Want to know more? Read the real examples of business deliverables from which our clients have benefited in our Client Success area.

Our approach is three dimensional, we don’t simply focus on the task in hand but look to the individuals dedicated to the task and the teams they work within and collaborate with. We call these the IT, I, We dimension, by taking this holistic approach we can work more meaningfully within your organisation, not merely on a cosmetic level.

Underpinning our approach, the universally respected and proven academic fundaments of our peers and thought leaders in Cultural Change including:

  • Leadership Level 5 (Good to Great, Jim Collins)
  • Integral System: Peter Senge, Fred Kofman & Ken Wilber
  • Conscious Business: Fred Kofman
  • U-theory: Otto Scharmer, Peter Senge and Joseph Jaworski
  • Systemic Dynamics in Organisations: Bert Hellinger Institute
  • NLP (NLP University, Robert Dilts)
  • Values driven organisations (Richard Barrett; Barrett Values Centre)

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