As a business leader or CEO, you need to rethink your strategy if you have tried to make any of the following improvements with the aim of stepping up the performance of your team:

  1.  Implementing an organisation-wide IT system in the hopes that it will force more collaborative working, increase productivity and reduce silo thinking
  2. Moving offices or changing the workplace’s physical environment to create a more innovative and collaborative culture (perhaps emulating Google’s) and to attract millennials?
  3. Creating a new role in ‘Business Transformation’ or ‘Cultural Transformation’ so that this one, focused leader will be able to transform the culture of your organisation and yield business results

Do you recognise any of these three actions in your workplace?

We have worked with CEOs and Executive Teams from around the world for over 10 years and in that time, we have seen these 3 mistakes repeated many, many times.

Why are they mistakes?

These three common actions are only mistakes if they are done with the hope of creating a more productive, innovative or happy working environment. If these are some of the key business outcomes that your organisation is looking to achieve, then we can categorically state that you WILL fail by doing all or any of the above, without looking at the broader ‘culture’ of your workplace.

Do you want people to take more responsibility and ownership? To be more creative? To work smarter, and achieve more?

What you are looking for is a change of culture, something that can’t be ‘fixed’ simply by taking the actions above.

What is an organisation’s culture?

The way people work is based on their organisation’s culture: subconscious attitudes and behavior will create a unique culture that effects the day-to-day work of the team.

The leaders of an organisation are the creators of this culture. It may even be that a previous leader or leadership team is still having an effect on the current culture.

If you want to change the culture of your organisation, you need to start with the leaders.

Believe it or not, scientists are finding that most of us are not consciously aware of our own attitudes and our behaviours. We think we know who we are, but we are deeply conditioned by the society and families we grew up in.

Added to which, most of us don’t really want to look at ourselves deeply. We don’t want to have to change, and we don’t necessarily understand how we might unconsciously be contributing to the problem with our culture.

Do you feel that you want your colleagues to change, but that you don’t need to? It’s time to get to the heart of the matter…

Where do we go from here?

Here’s the good news – at Parrhesian we have spent years honing our skills to guide the top leaders of an organisation through this journey of discovery in a safe and often humourful way. We all come from professional backgrounds and know what it’s like to be in some ‘fluffy’ workshop, when we really want to be getting on with the ‘real work’.

But culture transformation is real work.

STOP making those 3 mistakes if you really want cultural change, and START understanding:
a) What culture is
b) How it is formed
c) How you can measure it
d) What you can specifically do to evolve it

There is a host of scientific studies and understanding behind cultural transformation, so take some time to tap into that before you head down one of these time-consuming, costly and ultimately unsatisfactory roads in the hopes of improving organisational performance.

At Parrhesian we have a depth of knowledge and experience that gives us the insight to improve your organisation’s performance quickly and with measurable results. Start transforming your organisation’s culture today – all it takes is a quick message.