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I believe that the Conscious Business methodology as a program has been hugely beneficial to the EA business and to me personally. The sustained and methodical nature of the program has helped bring out the right values and behaviors in the team. Most importantly taking people away from the victim mindset to a player and learner.

For me personally the whole experience and realization of the mind map has been extremely helpful. The sustained nature of the program and our coaching interaction has helped me move from knowing to practicing. It has helped me understand myself and my team mates.

Moving from the “I” space to the “WE” space, the mapping of team and individual values was very useful and then integrating that into the regular day to day work has been very useful. This is where the sustained nature of the program has been invaluable. The program felt very daunting and time consuming in the beginning, but as we practiced it in our daily work, it became a part of how we interacted with each other and it worked.

It has helped the team internalize the belief that we can win, has helped build trust in each other and removed the enormous amount of entropy which was pulling us all back. The results in the IT space is there to see.

Coming back to me, I have enjoyed my interactions and meeting of minds with Arno and Hidde. The positive energy in our meetings has been tremendous. Thanks once again to both of you and I hope we will continue to be in touch.

VP Supply Chain West Africa/ (Previously VP Supply Chain East Africa)

The work Parrhesian is doing in Ethiopia is helping us to unlock huge, unexplored potential in our organisation.

The first workshop was an eye-opener for my team, best described by participants as a “life-changing experience.

Since we started the Cultural Transformation Program, the team has become more conscious leading to increased collaboration and efficiencies.

Employee engagement has increased significantly.

Managing Director, Unilever Ethiopia

The ‘Conscious Business’ journey is not for the faint hearted.  What initially felt like a standard ‘course’ run by a pair of engaging and enthusiastic consultants soon evolved into genuine transformation – both for the individual and the organisation.  The East Africa business results speak for themselves…..and what lies at the heart of this is a new, authentic form of leadership and flexible co-operation within the team.  One that drives trust at all levels of the organization.

…this is not about  ‘fluffy’ consultant language – forgotten as soon as the first challenge hits back in the office; This is about building relationships that focus on the unconditional:  What can we guarantee to make it happen?  This is about remaining personally conscious, intense self-awareness of one’s behavior and leading for an environment where commitments are made and kept (…. so very different from ‘holding others accountable’).  This is about understanding mental models (in self and others) and delivering results through an intense degree of firmness and trust.

It is also a very personal journey, one I wrestle with constantly and believe I see others doing the same.  In the end, it comes down to the results…. and, whether I like it or not, Conscious Business has been transformational and delivered at a personal and organisational level.  It has been a truly rewarding journey.

Director Business Operations CD, Unilever UK / (Previously CD Director Unilever East Africa)