About Parrhesian

We are not like everyone else. Our work starts where the others finish.

Parrhesia “To voice your Truth, with fearless speech, courage and boldness, openheartedly and in Service of the Common Good.”

The essence of Parrhesian

We are not like everyone else. Our work starts where the others finish.

We use the ‘Parrhesia’ philosophy of courageous speech and deeper connections to drive transformation, respect, fairness, and authenticity to organisations across the globe.

The core fundaments of working with us are:

  • Speaking with Parrhesia: When individuals speak with Parrhesia they express themselves with frankness instead of persuasion, truth instead of flattery, and moral duty instead of self-interest and moral apathy.
  • Firmness and Humility: We believe in a AND…AND approach rather than a EITHER…OR. In order to reach the desired results in cultural transformation we have developed a language that creates safety and respect for the people we work with in order to take them out of their comfort zone into their stretched zone where all learning starts. Firmness in a sense to address what needs to be addressed. Humility in a sense that we address in a safe and respectful way using inquiry and asking questions rather than telling and advising.
  • Cocreation: There is no such thing as the absolute truth. We have no ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach. We need the client and their wisdom (expertise and content) to add to our wisdom in order to come to a most effective and efficient program that delivers the desired results.
  • Continuous elevation of Consciousness: The more a leader is conscious of inner processes and how these affect others and the business (as well as conscious of possible inner processes of colleagues/clients), the more effective the leader becomes when acted upon. This is a continuous process, and elevating consciousness is what we contribute to our clients’ organisations.

To find out more about how we work visit the wisdom section of our website

How we can help

Each client is unique. Parrhesian’ s bespoke services are tailored to meet the needs of your team, your business/organisational objectives and the budget. You’d expect nothing less.

We offer clients a clear and proven pathway with measurable outcomes along the way. We challenge when needed, support when required and work in collaborative partnership to achieve often far greater impact personally and at an organisational level than our clients initially expect.

Whether we’re working with a business, an NGO, a government department or a start-up, we will ensure that sustainable results and the framework for a continuous cultural evolution are evident from day one.

Are you ready to evolve your organisation?

Are you looking for something inspirational? Are you truly ready to invest and commit to positive change?

Parrhesian’s consultants challenge and support leaders to co-create extraordinarily productive and purposeful organisations by unlocking the unused potential in human efficiency.

The keystones for future evolution are: absolute honesty, trust, commitment and accountability. Using tailored building blocks crafted from academic research, established systems and respected influencers, we guide leaders through the process of creating and maintaining a solid foundation from which to build a structure integral to the growth of their organisation.

Our results

We help our clients to operate at the highest level of leadership and recognise culture as a tangible asset that – carefully handled – is powerful enough to effectuate sustainable evolution.

We take great pride in evidencing what we achieve: both the measurable and the unquantifiable.

Read about successful transformations we have worked on in our Client Success area.